Hotfix Package 4 for Microsoft App-v 5.0 SP2

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At the beginning of May Microsoft released Hotfix Package 4 for Microsoft App-v 5.0 SP2. Below you will find some of the most important fixes and changes.

Application publishing and launching
This hotfix improves the speed and performance of application publishing and launching. Especially for environments where applications need to be published each time the user logs on (like stateless / non-persistent VDI or RDS) this is a significant improvement.

Full VFS Write Mode
The new sequencer contains a ‘Full VFS Write Mode’ option to enable packages to write files in the VFS. Please be aware that not all files types can be (over)written. To view a full list of files that cannot be modified please visit Creating and Managing App-V 5.0 Virtualized Applications and check the paragraph Copy on Write (CoW) file extension support.

Save as new package
The new sequencer enables you to save an upgraded package as a new package. This makes it possible to deploy the original and new package parallel.

Executables on network shares
Previously it was not possible to run executables from a network share even if the user had access to that share. This would only work if the system account had also access to this network share. With this hotfix only the user’s credentials are required to run executables from a network share and it is no longer required to add the computer account to the share.